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K-12 Student Resources

After School Matters

  • After School Matters is a non-profit organization that provides after-school and summer program opportunities to Chicago high school teens.

  • Apprenticeship programs span several content areas including the arts, sports, leadership, and STEM.

Math Circles of Chicago

  • Math Circles provides free math programs for students grades 5-12 throughout the year.

  • The program runs in various communities in Chicago to provide greater accessibility to all.

  • Sessions deviate from the standard math curriculum to provide more enriching math knowledge.​​

Khan Academy

  • Free online courses in math, reading, science, history, and more!

  • Learn using detailed instructional videos and practice problems at your own pace.


  • Topics range from Pre-K to college levels of difficulty. 

The Assessment Clinic, located in the UIC College of Education, conducts comprehensive educational evaluations for 6 to 16 year-olds who are experiencing academic difficulties in school.

  • offers free courses on computer science. 

  • Working to increase participation amongst young women and students, they have one of the largest online computer science curriculums available in the United States. 

FinPro World

  • FinPro World is a student-run non-profit organization committed towards educating middle school students on finance topics through programming

  • 10 week series with 1 hour weekly sessions

  • WeAllCode offers free programming classes, courses, and summer camps to kids across Chicago.


  • Classes are 3-5 hour weekend sessions.


  • Classes progress in skill level and focus on specific coding topics.

Coding Programs

Online Engineering Resources

  • The Library of Congress has a database of online engineering resources, ranging from general information sites to digital encyclopedias. ​

  • Born To Engineer offers a wide variety of educational engineering resources, including classroom toolkits and articles on career options and financial aid.

Thank you to our STEM speaker Mr. Tushar Goyal for sharing these resources!

Enroll in Morton School of Excellence's regional gifted center!

"None of Chicago's 28-selective enrollment elementary schools are on the West Side. But a new regional gifted center at Morton School of Excellence will give students a place to thrive."


Morton School of Excellence was one of the first schools Chicago Teen Mentors tutored at in-person (February 2020)!

Additional Opportunities

More resources and opportunities in Chicago can be found at ACT Now.

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