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Meet Our Volunteers


I’m Hailan (Walter Payton ‘24). My favorite subjects are English and math. I like to play volleyball, swim, and bike. 

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I'm Miller (Whitney Young '24).  My favorite subject is physics!  In my free time, I enjoy birding and stargazing.


I'm Sabona (Northside '25). I like computer science and math. I play the saxophone and basketball.


I'm Sarah (Lane Tech '24). My favorite class is math and computer science. I love to draw, sing, and write stories.

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I'm Anabel (Jones '24). I love reading! I also enjoy spending time with my younger brother and riding my bike.

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I'm Grace (Lane Tech '24.) My favorite subject is English. I enjoy biking with my friends and playing tennis. 


I'm Audrey (Lane Tech '24). I love reading and math. My hobbies include running and skiing!

Aidan Lau Chicago Teen Mentors Picture.JPG

I'm Aidan (Lane '24). My favorite subjects are English and Math. I enjoy baking, board games, reading, and listening to music. 


I'm Eden, (Whitney Young '24). My favorite subject is English. I like to do gymnastics, code, and make YouTube videos!


I'm Emi (Lane Tech '24). I love learning. My hobbies include reading, baking, and doing arts and crafts.


I'm Nicole (Whitney Young '25). My favorite subject is math, but science is a close second. I enjoy drawing and listening to music!

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