Photos & Testimonials

"Our tutors were communicative, engaging and really helpful. They were key to keeping our kids mentally engaged over the summer and are more prepared to start school this Fall. Highly recommend!​" -4th, 6th, and 8th grade family

"Chicago teen mentor's program was a great aid in helping our daughter push forward in her academics. Her tutors communicated frequently and our daughter truly enjoyed her sessions." -5th grade family

"We signed up our 2 children as a way to break up the boredom of a lockdown summer and hopefully stay a little sharper for the upcoming year. Our expectations were blown away. Both children were paired w highly intelligent, motivated, and compassionate HS students that were incredibly effective and flexible in their approaches to tutoring. My kids were kind of upset with me when I signed them up for "school" in the summer, but after just 1 week were both looking forward to their sessions. I noticed a lot of collaborative thought between tutor and student on what material to cover. It was very open format. It could be review. It could be a new challenge. My rising 8th grade daughter focused a lot on concepts geared toward HS admission, and my rising 8th grade son was challenged outside of his standard curriculum into some more advanced concepts like Algebra. We will be the 1st ones to sign up in the fall, and think it will be an excellent compliment to their core learning. The fact that this is free and founded and run by students gives me a lot of hope for the future." -8th grade family

"So impressed that this is entirely high school student run! The level of passion, commitment, organization, and professional follow through is really such an inspirational beacon of brightness during such a difficult and uncertain time for our society. We feel so fortunate to have taken part in this amazing program. Truly a gem of a program with CPS!" -6th grade family

"I am so impressed with the student leaders who have organized and executed this amazing program for children all over Chicago. My son really benefited from working directly with a high school student as I found that it really helped motivate him to keep up with his reading. He pushed himself to meet the goals his tutor set for him, which is just so hard to do as a parent. Thank you Chicago Teen Mentors!" -5th grade family

"My kids loved working with their Teen Mentors. They were able to work on their reading & math as well as have conversations with a high schooler about Minecraft, Xbox, favorite parks, favorite books and more." -5th and 7th grade family

"My daughter has a learning disability and [her tutor] made her feel comfortable. He was very patient with her. She requested additional day to work with him. We will be signing up for the Fall season." -7th grade family

"We are very grateful to this site and to the teachers who teach us. Thanks to this program, our child's knowledge has become much better. Test results have improved at the school. It is easier for our child to cope with homework after lessons with tutors." -5th grade family

"Our experience has been so positive over the past year. Our tutors have been so responsible, and communicate well. We are so happy to work with them." -5th grade family

"My son who is usually shy about asking questions or asking for help felt very comfortable with his tutor. She was patient and kind and created a safe learning space for my son." -6th grade family

Tutor Testimonials

Being apart of Chicago Teen Mentors, has honestly been life changing. I not only get to help other Chicago teens, but during that process I get to help myself. By better understanding others and how to better improve my own studying habits. And I love the fact that Chicago Teen Mentors is volunteer work since it helps me feel apart of my city and teens across Chicago get the help they need without any costs.

I started as a tutor during Spring of 2020 and have loved being a part of this program! I have been able to make meaningful and wonderful relationships with the students I work with and really enjoy the time I spend talking with and supporting my tutees every week. Getting to know them as a student and a person has really helped me to grow as a person and is an experience I will always cherish.

I have had a great experience with the students in charge and with the students I’m tutoring. The student-led team is responsive and extremely helpful. Tutoring for Chicago Teen Mentors has been a very rewarding experience.